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Thursday, October 7, 2010


These are supposed to be signs that your teenagers are goth.A really good friend pointed out to me that if so(and I am no teenager)I am so goth I need an exorcist.That has to be one of the funniest lines ever. So here it is translated from German. It came from an American church.    


Gothic (or goth) is  a very questionable and often dangerous culture that makes teenager join them. The gothic-culture takes young and vulnerable minds into an imaginary world of evil, darkness and violence. Please try to free your child from satans seduction, if 5 or more points apply:

-         wears mostly black clothes
-         wear band-/ and/or rock-t-shirts
-         wears too much black make up
-         wears silver jewelry and symbols, e.g. turned crosses, pentagrams, pentacles, ankhs or other symbols of satan
-         is interested in piercings and/or tattoos
-         Listens to gothic or other criminal kinds of music (Marilyn Manson claims to be the antichrist, please remove all albums of this kind)
-         Associates with others who dress/act/talk in an undisciplined way
-         Isn’t interested in the bible, praying and the church
-         Shows increasing interest in death, vampires, magic etc
-         Takes drugs
-         Drinks alcohol
-         Likely to commit suicide/depressive
-         Carving/burning his her skin/other kinds of self-mutilation
-         Complains about boredom
-         Sleeps too much or not enough
-         Is awake during night
-         Hates the sun and all other kinds of lights (connection to vampires)
-         Demands privacy
-         Spends a lot of time alone
-         Needs time alone (might talk to evil spirits!)
-         Demands to spend time with friends without parental control
-         Disregards the authority of teachers, priests, nuns and elder people etc
-         Misbehaves in school
-         Misbehaves at home
-         Eats too much or not enough
-         Eats food connected to gothic e.g. count chocola cornflakes 
-         Drinks blood or is interested in doing so
-         Uses the tv or other corrupt media (ask in your community for the acceptable tv program for your child)
-         Plays video games that contain violence and/or role play
-         Spends too much time in the internet or in front of the computer
-         Makes satanic symbols and/or shakes his/her head violently to music
-         Dances in a provoking and/or sexual way
-         Shows interest in sex
-         Masturbates
-         Is homosexual/bisexual
-         Is interested in dangerous cults like Satanism, philosophy, scientology, Wicca, Hinduism and Buddhism
-         Claims to be a goth

If 5 or more points apply, please react immediately. The gothic culture is very dangerous and contains satan.
If one problem

and now some nice gothic Images for your enjoyment      and for those who don't know goth is an achitecture term not something evil and it has to do with the juxtaposition of light and dark. so this idea of evil came from the use of gargoyles and the like nothing else. I would be considered goth but I am also biker and alt and just nerd and geek.I am weird and proud of it.I like black and dragons(asian)and skulls,celtic symbols,aztec,mayan.just anything that is unique.So yeah I am goth but I also have faith and in my way i pray and I believe strongly in a Higher power such as God. So there it is . 

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