Skull Fried

Sunday, October 10, 2010


                                                 Every time you look at me                                                               

                                                 Who is it you expect to see  

                                                  Who is it you think I am ?

                                                   Or do you really even give a damn

                                                    Do you know me or care at all ?

                                                    Will you be there if  I  fall

                                                     Or tear my heart out and

                                                    Hang it on your bedroom wall

                                                     Can you feel me when I cry

                                                     Will you miss me when I die?

                                                      Or has everything been an awful lie

                                                      So  when they cover my grave with dirt

                                                      Will your soul feel loss or hurt or like

                                                         So many times before will you

                                                         Just walk through  the other's  door                                

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