Skull Fried

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Poem about how I feel inside

                                                          My heart is not beating
                                                          My lungs have quit breathing

                                                          I’m trying to come up for air

                                                          My soul is on fire

                                                           But I have no desire

                                                           And there doesn’t seem

                                                           To be anyone there

                                                           I can’t find the exit

                                                           The way to escape

                                                            I am trapped here

                                                            And there is no where to go

                                                             I am looking for questions

                                                             For the answers seem simple

                                                              But there is one that I seek

                                                              It haunts me and burns me to know

                                                               Why am I held prisoner in a cell

                                                               Without a lock, key or a door

                                                                 And no matter the pain or the hell

                                                             I find in my search for freedom once more

                                                              Places to look in our world do abound

                                                             But the peace that I pray for cannot be found 

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