Skull Fried

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All About The Alt Is Ready To Rock

This new blog is being started because i have learned recently from a very talented smart person that there so many ways to find music . Many of these ways need to be shared and so I thought why not a blog where people can post sites ,ideas,programs,and on-line stores where music lovers can find the best new music especially alternative rock. I talking about Alt rock, metal,metalcore,deathcore,screamo,emo,punk.post-punk,hardcore,progressive,anything that even comes close to causing permanent hearing loss and brain damage but has great lyrics and fantastic music. I want all of us share where we can find similar artists to those that are well-known and how to get the music without it costing us our whole life savings. Through a very special person i have found some new venues such as last.fm which has radio and lists of similar artists. also ilike on Facebook has the same type of thing. So i believe this type of hub for musical search ideas and sharing would be wonderful and might just help us find those bands we thought never could exist for the price we thought we never would find. You know, free.

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